About HIA

Health Innovation Action (HIA) is a dynamic network of transformational leaders and advisors from across Canada. As a not-for-profit organization, we foster partnerships and build capacity to continuously improve health services. Health Innovation Action is the capacity and equity building program delivery partner of Health Innovation Group. HIA leaders work with healthcare teams to understand needs and support implementation of evidence-based, high impact changes.

HIA teams have the right combination of knowledge, skills, experiences, and desire to propel meaningful clinical changes resulting in enhanced patient care and strengthened resilience of healthcare providers, teams and the communities they serve.

HIA leaders are known for engaging with frontline healthcare providers, patients, teams and community representatives through continuous quality improvement and capacity building efforts. Their collective efforts:

  • foster sustainable healthcare
  • build health system capacity
  • promote health literacy and self-management
  • advance health promotion
  • propel system level performance

HIA leaders are trusted advisors in change management and health system transformation. They are recognized for their role in partnering with healthcare teams to create sustainable system changes, provincially, federally and internationally.

HIA leadership and innovation is evidenced in the following contributions:

  • Partnering in the development of The Case for Practice Facilitation Within Primary Care: A Primer and Advocacy Guide with The College of Family Physicians of Canada.
  • Faculty roles for international teams and team focused collaboratives.
  • Focus on Patient’s Medical Home including measurable impacts on access, efficiency, and patient self-management.
  • Leadership in Quality Improvement Collaboratives such as the Vermont Oxford Network and Global Quality Improvement National Institute for Children’s Health Quality (NICQ) Collaboratives.