Start advancing key areas of practice improvement with our user-friendly tools and tip sheets

These proven assessment tools will help you diagnose your own practice issues and select the improvement tools that best meet your needs.

Team Huddle Checklist

Use HIA’s modifiable checklist to lead your team through efficient, effective huddles at the beginning of the clinic day or at the beginning of the morning and/or afternoon schedule.

The Case for Practice Facilitation Within Primary Care: A Primer and Advocacy Guide with The College of Family Physicians of Canada

This CFPC guide is a resource to support health system decision-makers, primary care groups and medical associations in advocating for, and deploying, practice facilitators to support primary care quality improvement initiatives.

Tips for Quality Improvement: The Primary Care Sequence to Achieve Change

This HIA tip sheet draws on evidence-based continuous quality improvement healthcare models employed in Canada and internationally.

Tips to Reduce Demand in Times of Chaos

This HIA tip sheet summarizes healthcare office flow and optimization concepts proven in Canada and internationally.