Dr. Brad Bahler


HIA Network Member

image of Dr. Brad Bahler

Dr. Brad Bahler is a primary care physician in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Dr. Bahler practices comprehensive family medicine including urgent care, long term care and hospital care while working within a primary care health team. He is a preceptor with the University of Alberta and an enthusiastic teacher. Dr. Bahler has held positions as the Provincial Medical Director for Primary Care Networks, Senior Medical Director for the Primary Health Care Integration Network and Board Chair of the Wolf Creek Primary Care Network. Currently he is the Medical Director for the Alberta Medical Association’s Accelerating Change Transformation Team, Chair of the Alberta Primary Care Alliance and Co-chair of Alberta’s Modernizing Alberta’s Primary Health Care System initiative. He is a passionate leader, facilitating health system transformation through his consulting work with primary and specialty care teams. Dr. Bahler consults in the areas of access, integration and quality improvement, system design and payment models. He has been a tireless advocate for improving delivery of primary care services in Alberta as well as nationally.