Shaelynn Garner

B.Ed., BA

Quality Improvement Consultant

image of Shaelynn Garner

Shaelynn Garner started her quality improvement journey as a secondary school educator, developing innovative curriculum and educational programming for students. She shifted her focus to adult education and quality improvement, and has served as an educational programming consultant for the past five years. As a specialist in educational development and learner experience design, Shaelynn is passionate about creating impactful and practical quality improvement programming to meet the needs of physicians and teams across Canada. Working on multiple provincial and nationally-based primary care improvement initiatives, Shaelynn has developed educational curriculum, content, programs, assessment tools, and participant resources for virtual and in-person offerings. She uses a competency-based approach to ensure learners have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully apply their understanding in any practice environment. Through her collaboration with healthcare professionals, clinicians, and subject matter experts in practice facilitation, change management, and quality improvement, Shaelynn has strengthened her specialization in developing engaging material to assist health care teams in making lasting changes. In addition, Shaelynn supports program delivery by co-facilitating sessions, building consensus amongst teams, and incorporating activities that strengthen team functioning skills.