Tabetha Burke


Graphic Designer

image of Tabetha Burke

Tabetha is new to her involvement in healthcare improvement. She brings a flair and passion for visual design, digital art and branding. With a background in Addiction Work, healthcare and change are her fiery passions. She is inspired to promote health, wellness and frontline changes through her communications role. After being a hobby designer for over 15 years, Tabetha completed a post-secondary program for a more rounded and applied knowledge of media production, journalism and advertising. With a passion for art and communication from an early age Tabetha has held creative leadership roles in a variety of fields including the branding of record labels, talent management, healthcare, overseeing the creation and implementation of charity events and managing the development of a magazine. She is the quiet stronghold of most of her projects and has an inspirational influence on the journey of organizations through art and color.